Digital marketing: 21 Words that Sell and Repel Online

In the digital environment, every word counts. Twitter has seen to that. So if you are preparing marketing copy, carefully chosen key words may not catapult you over the clutter. 

A few months ago, we started paying close attention to which words tend to engage people online. Because we believe that consumers are word-weary when it comes to hard-sell promotional terms, we were interested to see that positive terms and phrases have more pull. 

Overall, words that convey compassion and positivity trump words that trigger anxiety. So, by all means keep your keywords front and center as you compose. But consider this list, too.
Words That Sell
Here are the 21 words that sell:
1. You/ Your customer’s name

2. Money
3. Proven

4. Health

5. Easy

6. Guarantee

7. Discovery

8. Love

9. New

10. Save

11. Safety

12. Money

13. Right

14. Results

15. Truth

16. Comfortable

17. Proud

18. Fun
19. Celebrate
20. Happy

21. Value

Words That Deter Customers
Improving your word choices to convert customers, is only the first step. Next, consider nixing words that create distance between you and your prospects.
Here are the words that deter customers:
1. Deal

2. Cost

3. Pay

4. Contract

5. Sign

6. Commit

7. Worry

8. Loss

9. Lose

10. Hurt

11. Buy

12. Death

13. Sell

14. Sold

16. Price

17. Decision

18. Fail

19. Difficult

20. Obligation

21. Liable