Digital Culture Trends and Tremors: September 28

Will the Future Like You?
Discover how the adolescent brain works from Sarah-Jayne Blakemore’s TED talk. She studies the social brain, and argues that teens make decisions from a completely different part of the brain. It’s an essential insight for marketers aiming to inspire young Millennials.

Heads up! If you sell to cultural consumers – books, art, technology or entertainment experiences – you’ll want to see how their decisions are influenced by the digital culture. Presented by Kelly Gallagher this week at the Digital Book World Discoverability and Marketing Conference, the market research reveals essential insights about how referrals occur, and why people buy.

Digital Culture
Catalytic personalities and the RenGen:
In any renaissance, creative leaders are like yeast. I thrill to witness how brand making in the digital culture inspires others to innovate. This week, Brian Eno launched a new recording using a clever propagation strategy.