Digital Culture: Interactive Murals

To my delight, an interesting mix of offline/online experiences continues to proliferate. The folks over at Simply Zesty spotted this interactive mural that comes from the Canadian tourist board. It promotes Canada as a holiday destination to Americans using a gigantic interactive Twitter mural.

Set up on city streets, it powerfully funnels live tweets, video and photos from tourists currently on vacation in Canada.

While this campaign is very cool, it does make me wonder about the value to the end user. After all, it interrupts the pedestrian.

Time-starved urbanites tend to treasure the mind space they have while roaming urban streets. Advertisers continue to believe that people WANT to be distracted from their inner thoughts as they walk city streets. So the campaign has to lure people over using barkers, if you will.

Meanwhile, somewhere else across town people are standing in line, or otherwise captive, and open to a uniquely engaging experience such as these digital murals.