Design and Tech Start-Ups Get Buyers Clicking Add-to-Cart

Photo by jenlen

I’ve been following the news where art + design + tech = opportunity and I see that Fast Company reports on a new investor network for designers. Founder Enrique Allen says he wants to, “shift the paradigm of what design is. Design encompasses systems now, not just ‘making things look pretty’.”

A few years back, I was struck by Virginia Postral’s convincing theory that people perceive well-designed products as actually working better. This is where designers have economic impact.

Designers make things that people need AND want because they are both useful and beautifully executed, whereas most tech startups fail because they make things that people may want, but don’t perceive as needing or don’t covet. It’s a failure of imagination poorly executed.

Look for more such mergers and infusions of design, designers and artists into the tech space. At last!