Daydream Believer

Photo by pengrin™

Lately, I’ve spent the wee hours of the day scanning real estate websites looking for a new home. I need to move. This is a good thing. But it’s made me obsessive. This weekend, I’ll take a welcome break from it all.

It’s July 4th weekend. Where I come from, July 4th marks a gateway to the rest of the summer. The weather in the Midwest is temperately warm. Most towns host parades. People fly flags and sip lemonade on their porches.

The other night, I was daydreaming in my kitchen. I pictured all my children and their loved ones gathered at a table laughing and eating BBQ. Why not? I can make that happen. I set down the bowl I was washing and picked up my cell phone. Several texts later and I have a dozen people confirmed for a Monday afternoon cookout.

I’ll make my killer coleslaw and grill steaks. (Oh, yes…red meat is also indulged on this holiday since it’s soooo red-blooded American). Fruit salad and whatever else looks good at the Farmer’s market.

Maybe this nation started as some one’s daydream. Flawed and messy as it is, this Democracy is still worth celebrating because ours is a country where daydream believers can still make things happen. I’ll salute that any ole day!