Cultural Capital is the Future

Boingboing’s guest blogger Paul Spinrad offers a fascinating alternative for people looking to diversify their investments–investing in culture rights. Spinrad wonders, “Did anyone ever consider using Max Keiser’s Hollywood Stock Exchange as a funding vehicle? Rights are more complicated than stocks, but online stock trading sites have figured out easy interfaces for buying, selling, puts, calls, selling short, and other flavors of transaction. Boilerplate is boilerplate.”

What Spinrad hits on is the idea that a culture market represents an international plethora of assets. I also agree with his clever assessment that it would also be, “A boon to hipsters whose cultural intelligence and breadth of knowledge would suddenly become a marketable talent.” In other words, this would be a marketplace designed by, for and benefiting the RenGen.

When people ask me how RenGen will redefine the exchange of value as currency is re-structured (hey, one look at the mortgage market and you get a sense of the re-structuring of value underway) I like to point to ideas like Spinrad’s. Our cultural capital has been overlooked as a key asset. Alternatives to traditional capital are not for the unimaginative or the faint of heart. It will require courage and vision to tap into our creative assets in ways that create wealth for many, not just a few.

But let’s be clear. We are in the death spiral. Now, more than ever, we need brave ideas to trigger the rebirth that is within our grasp. And if we don’t step up to creative solutions? Well, a renaissance is not guaranteed. History is bone chilling on this point. We could fall into a dark age. I’d rather not, thank you.

Photo by Mister V courtesy of Flickr