Creative Leadership: Where the Wild Things Are

I was struck by Adam Thurman’s recent post offering career advice to job seekers in the arts. He sees no difference between an accountant and an arts manager, when it comes to choosing the right place to work. It all boils down to the same things: the opportunity to do quality work, a place to learn, and the chance make your mark. These features distinguish good places to work and live. Makes sense to me. And I’d speculate that Brazen Careerist Penelope Trunk would agree.

I wonder if work places and cities will actively cultivate creative leaders and encourage people to make their mark? Does a creative, expressive culture foster competitive advantage, as Jared Diamond has speculated? I’d argue it does. If for no other reason than it draws a cadre of do-ers to a place. I’m talking about people willing to leave the comfort of their world, travel to a place lesser known, and build something from scratch–that’s where the Wild Things Are.