Creating Order Out of Chaos

One delight about hitting the mid-century mark in life is that you get really clear on where your talents don’t lie. I admit it. I am lousy at space planning. This simple truth has led to all manner of confused rooms and unproductive spaces in my home and office.

A recent move set me adrift. Because of a goofy moving schedule brought about by a “hurry-up-and–wait” loan process, I ended up harried at the last minute. To make matters worse, I used recycled boxes from other moves. They are marked: bedroom, kitchen, bath in various colors of Sharpie. So which is it? I never know until I open the box intended for the kitchen and then have to drag it to another room entirely.

This led me to seek help. Next week, my friend Francesca is coming over to help me sort myself out. Thank, goodness. One of Francesca’s secrets to success in her restaurants is how the space is plotted out. Cozy, close and elegant.

Before she drops by, I’m busy unpacking. With each box I get a little more clear on what matters. What’s really worth keeping, and what needs recycling.

I guess I should be grateful for the chaos it’s causing. It’s forcing me to take my time and bring order to my life. It’s a slow process. 

And it’s teaching me what I’ve come to believe is my New Year’s resolution: I must learn patience. It’s a valuable lesson and one I’ve never, ever mastered.

I’m looking for help on the patience front. Got any tips for me?