Cool Infographic: Yelp Heat Map

I’ve got a thing for infographics. If art and science had a baby, it’d look like an infographic. When I spotted this one about Yelp usage, I couldn’t blog about it fast enough.

The trouble is what to say. I mean, this heat map of Yelp usage has a jillion stories to tell. For example, why Chicago is the 3rd Yelpiest city in the U.S. or how a bakery in a tiny town out West has earned outrageous Yelp love.

I don’t know about you, but in my experience, Yelp reviews have been helpful and accurate. From where I got my tires to where I get my toenails done, I’ve benefited from its solid recos.

What’s at the beating heart of Yelp’s success? It isn’t its social media utility or any fancy algorithms. Nope. I’d like to argue that it’s a gooey interface as old as the hills—passion.

People take the time to write a Yelp review because they either love or hate an experience. Earning that level of excitement (love) for your brand is the brass ring of marketing. And what this Yelp heat map reveals is that it doesn’t take a colossal marketing budget to do so.

Later this month, I will be moving house. This time, I’m choosing to keep only things I love. It leaves me with less. Much less. But it’s all stuff that enhances my life–like the ornate cut glass tumbler I brought back from Rome that I sip from while writing.

Life is busy. Life is messy. Now more than ever, we need to love the ones (and things) we’re with.