Cool Brand: American Express Rolls Out Small Biz Campaign

Over the Thanksgiving shopping bonanza, American Express launched a very cool retail program aimed at small business. It’s got everything: B2B and B2C recruitment tactics, a social media hook, and a cause-marketing overlay, and a gender sensitivity that reflects the buyers and users, not the decision-makers at Amex. Very cool.

Here’s how it worked: American Express offered consumers a monetary incentive to shop at small businesses. The first 100,000 to register their American Express card received a $25 statement credit for spending more than $25 at a locally-owned, independent small business that accepts American Express on Nov. 27.

The movement took off on Facebook, where nearly 875,000 people “like” the program. American Express had committed to donating $1 to the nonprofit Girls Inc. for each like, up to $500,000.

I like it.