Consumers Return to the Soil

Whole Foods’ quarterly earnings were 30 percent lower than during the same period a year ago.

Costco Wholesale said that its total July sales were up 9 percent in the US and 11 percent in its international operations.

Wal-Mart is posting strong sales from its Mexican operations.

Seems growth lies beyond U.S. borders. Whole Foods numbers tell the story. American brands will increasingly seek international opportunity as U.S. consumers tighten their belts, age, and seek alternatives.

This week, blogger Alice Sneary shared her story with me about her membership in a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture. Consumers by “shares” in co-op farms where organic farmers plant and harvest for buying groups which usually consist of groups of friends or neighbors. Alice loves the experience of taking her little daughter to the farm and picking her groceries from the vines and trees. It’s authentic, fresh and filled with sensory inputs you don’t get in the grocery store.

Whether it’s homegrown or farm grown, it seems RenGen consumers are returning to the soil source and retreating from the store shelves.

Thanks to Geoff Greene for this photo.