College Marketers, Millenials and Making Change

Yesterday, I met with a great group of college and university marketers. I was struck by the passion they expressed for their work. I gave a talk about Millenials and new media, and the new culture being created by a generation of young people who see themselves as creative activists. Artists empowered and wanting to make change happen.

Sure, higher education can be faulted for its Ivory Tower remove from everyday problems. But lately, the great halls of the academy are ringing with new voices and bold messages. Have a look at this powerful speech by Elizabeth Coleman, president of Bennington College at TED 09. She brings people to their feet by suggesting that all good minds of our time must apply their gifts to solving social problems. She also lays out the plan she envisions for Bennington. (My son is a student there.)

I hope Liz Coleman inspires you.