Choosing the Right Influencers to Adopt Your Idea

Photo by Ed Yourdon

What’s more valuable to your campaign — recruiting influencers or cultivating ordinary people with networks? Most marketers have an opinion. Here’s mine: both. In this post, I’ll shed light on the topic using an actual campaign experience and share some simple tips.

Influencers come in all sizes and stripes. Some of them can rock your world while others can poison your well. It’s important to know who is which based on both the business objective and the psychographics of your likeliest early adopters. Mega-influencers deliver eyeballs and retweets. Brands with an upbeat lifestyle message can gain some traction with a mega-influencer. Guy Kawasaki can use your camera and push out Instagram snaps, and you’ll sell more units. But if you are hoping to persuade people to adopt a new mindset, or learn something new — it’s important to choose an influencer with gravitas who’s considered an original thinker by your target audience.

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