Charity Gift Cards Give Back

Looking ahead to the holiday season, (although I’d rather not since Labor Day has not yet passed so it’s legitimately still summer), I discovered there’s a new twist on gift cards. You know, those only-slightly-more-thoughtful-than-cash plastic cards? Now they’ve been rendered more meaningful with a cause-related overlay.

Seattle-based TisBest provides consumers with a vehicle by which they can “give twice”: once when they give a TisBest card to a recipient, and again when that recipient chooses from among the hundreds of TisBest-selected charities and nonprofits.

According to founder Erik Marks, humans have an inherent need to give gifts to build relationships. But in our materially abundant world, gifts of more “stuff” are not desirable.

TisBest aims to offer an alternative. With a TisBest Charity Gift Card, the gift given is an opportunity to change the world. Just a little bit. Taking small, incremental steps toward making the world a better place is so very RenGen.