Celebrate Banned Books Week

There’s still time. Banned Books Week runs through this weekend. The annual 8-day celebration of books targeted for censorship and complaints is the brainchild of the late Judith Krug at the American Library Association, and it is one of the most successful public education programs in U.S. history. What started as an idea has mushroomed into a social movement. (Disclosure, ALA is a client).

Love your liberty? Then do your part to protect it. Celebrating Banned Books Week is a great way to let people express their love for the First Amendment. Need ideas? Host a Banned Books Party where people read out loud from books on the banned list. Buy a banned book. Blog about a banned book you’ve read and cherished.

There are many ways to take part in this annual event. The Crash Pad puppets celebrated with a video (embedded above), spreading an anti-censorship message for Internet viewers everywhere. The New York Times published ten other ways to celebrate.