Cancer Cause Cracks the Social Media Code

American Cancer Society has declared itself the Official Sponsor of Birthdays. And women bloggers will lead the way to a “more birthdays” movement with the formation of the American Cancer Society Blogger Advisory Council. The campaign goes beyond cause-marketing to build a sponsor-worthy movement: build online momentum, gain an audience, seek sponsors to an established base.

The Council members will work with the Society to determine how best to use social media to encourage women to take an active role in fighting cancer. The American Cancer Society Blogger Advisory Council members include:
Catherine Morgan of
Darryle Pollack of
Julie Pippert of
Karyn Watkins of
Karen Zgoda of
Nordette Adams
Renee Ross of
Susan Niebur of and

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you know that blogging is a powerful source of information sharing for women. Nearly twice as likely to use blogs and social networking sites as a source of information (64 percent), advice and recommendations (43 percent) and opinion-sharing (55 percent). There are 42 million U.S. women online weekly doing some form of social media activity.

Also, women who blog are significantly more active across all forms of social media, and are thus ideal conduits of information and knowledge sharing. In addition to the Blogger Advisory Council, the American Cancer Society has an online presence for the “more birthdays” movement at,, and on Facebook and Twitter.