Can Creativity Change Government?

Creating content is the lifeblood of the RenGen. Citizen-created content is re-structuring the established media, and that includes innovations in public media that will impact how we are governed. Get this, the Participatory Culture Foundation is working on a new online infrastructure for producing and distributing public media called Miro. It will expand the field of open source video online globally through open source software creation and their translation service, they are also working to create local platforms to connect communities locally.

Partnering up with Mozilla and Change Congress, the Miro project calls for the new administration to make government more accessible to everyday citizens. Americans have been promised a more “open government” by President-elect Obama. Miro claims it can help fulfill on that promise. To advance the agenda for more openness, PCF has drafted a petition titled, “An Open Transition” that lays out three principles to ensure an effective transition.

The ‘Copenhagen Interpretation’ of quantum mechanics says that the presence of the observer changes the nature of the observed. Isn’t it also likely that creating content about a certain subject changes the nature of the subject…in this case government?