Campaign Fatigue and Citizen Empowerment Culture

Photo by League of Michigan Bicyclists

Mid-term elections in my neck of the woods were a mud-slinging contest. It made me realize how ineffective politicians appear when it comes to leading real change. Perhaps that’s why citizens are grabbing on to technology like SeeClickFix.

A hybrid, SeeClickFix blends the self-organizing features of social media and the utility of Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) to help people make change. Got a big pothole that needs fixing? Snap a picture using your cell phone and report it to your town’s road works authority! Done and done.

SeeClickFix is one of the cultural signals bubbling to the surface. It’s signifying that social media norms are crossing over. It’s empowering. It’s  simple. And it’s getting hot. As it gains adoption, it will also empower people to demand other changes and report other problems.

It makes you wonder. As technology like SeeClick Fix grows in usage, how will it change the nature of local leadership? Are machine politicians still relevant?

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