Broadway Bound – Getting Ready for ADWEEK 2010

Photo by Jeff Kubina

It’s one of those moments in your career where you pause and take stock. I want to savor this moment to myself. I am packing my bags for ADWEEK in New York. On Tuesday, I’ll address a group of entertainment marketers. We’ll be hashing out how to reach the next generation of cultural consumers. My keynote is titled Why the Future Needs Theatre: Attracting the Renaissance Generation.

The ever-visionary Bruce Whitacre of the National Corporate Theatre Fund is behind this gathering of live entertainment gurus. He’s helping theatre producers look down the road to future audiences. His conspirator is the intrepid Susan Lee, Vice President of Marketing at Nederlander.

Susan is the brains behind Visa’s sponsorship of Movin’ Out on Broadway, on tour and in Japan, as well as launching Season of Savings and Tuesdays at 7. She is the founder of Camp Broadway®, a national theatre arts program, and ShowTrans®, an audio service providing multilingual commentary for non-English speaking audiences attending Broadway shows. Her track record takes your breath away.

I stand in front of the mirror and hold up suits – the grey…too corporate, the navy…too frumpy, the hot pink wool number I picked up in Paris for a song…maybe too flashy? The trouble is that it all fits, and nothing fits. Just like these times we live in.

I am going to New York to address one of the most ancient businesses of all time—live theatre—as it coexists in the digital culture.

So, which costume is right for that performance?