Brand Personality: One Simple Act Can Change Perceptions

In a social era, brands with a personality tend to stand out. But transitioning to the always-on social media cycle makes for hectic communications. It can leave us feeling uncertain about what to prioritize.

That’s why this makeover video caught my eye. It appeared on Monday, Veteran’s Day, via a Michigan charity that makes life better for homeless veterans. Produced by Rob Bliss, who is known for viral stunts such as releasing 100,000 paper airplanes on the streets and putting together a record-breaking lip dub of “American Pie,”  it features U.S. Army veteran Jim Wolf.

Wolf hasn’t had an ideal life since returning home. He has struggled with poverty, homelessness, and alcoholism. Two months ago, he volunteered for a makeover for Degage Ministries. Bliss met Wolf through Degage.

Much like Dove’s viral “Evolution” ad campaign, we witness Wolf’s astonishing transformation.

I realize it takes more than a new haircut, a beard trim, and some new clothes to turn someone’s life around. The same is true for brands. Still, sometimes making a small change gives you the confidence to take longer strides.

Sometimes, when the flurry of brand decisions gets overwhelming, it’s a good idea to narrow our focus on one thing that everyone will see and feel good about. Perhaps it’s a homepage tweak, a new masthead for the e-newsletter, or a tweet stack that expresses a sense of humor.

Little things make a big difference when it comes to expressing a brand’s personality. Watch the video and prepare to be inspired. I sure was.