Beyond “Knowledge is Power”

Thought leaders have an edge during tough times because they have the power to attract customers with useful content. Trouble is, creating good content is hard work. Time consuming though it may be, the value gained from transferring knowledge has never been greater. I’m not talking about information, but content that transforms the customer. It teaches a new skill or empowers customers to take educated risks.

The emotional payoff to learning something useful is that it empowers the customer to feel more competent–which fosters confidence. Research shows that confident people are also more expressive, as Malcolm Gladwell so deftly illustrates in The Tipping Point. They are more likely to be mavens and share what they’ve learned and from whom they learned it–YOU!

In the past few years, I’ve watched with fascination the steady commitment American Express Open is making toward small business by sharing knowledge. I was honored when they quoted from my book The RenGen in a recent edition of Open Forum. Full article here.