Best Stories from the Web

We spent most of February buried by snow storms. But it gave us plenty of time to read. Here’s our list of favorites articles from last month: 

The Brain’s Inner Language
–Includes a round up of innovations in brain research, and paints a picture of how collaborative efforts will improve our understanding of how neurons process visual information. The implications are far-reaching. Quick read.
Artist Uses Google Glass to Interact with Museum Visitors
–Raise your hand if you want to live in augmented reality. I do. Through the lens of Google Glass an art museum goes meta. Very cool.
Big Data, Big Business, Big Brother? –Our fellow “futurist” Gerd Lionhard offers his take on some of the memes and implications of big data for marketers.
Happiness Is a Warm iPhone
–A bittersweet rif by Charles Yu who reflects on how technology is changing our humanity as it becomes more accessible and more mundane.

The Science of Solitary Confinement
–Although the science of human connection has long been under-valued, this story helps us appreciate what happens in the absence of it. A quick take on the effects of long-term isolation on inmates in U.S. prisons.
Publishers Withdraw More than 120 Gibberish Papers In an age of link farms and faux content, it’s not surprising that computer-generated nonsense can be published so easily in conference proceedings.