Back to School

Fall is here in the Midwest. School buses slow the traffic. The magazines that clog my mailbox have gone from skinny to fat. The news is more robust. Psychologically, we are all going back to school. So, as we inaugurate a new “school” year, I am going back to school myself—figuratively. Over the next nine months, I intend to explore the world of learning and its connection to the broader culture. To kick things off, I will be briefing a group of education leaders from across the country about trends that will affect schools. I will also be exploring new connections between business and education, as both sectors grapple with the need to reform education and raise student achievement. Finally, I will be investigating some of the bravest experiments underway in the quest to break through to a rising generation of youngsters whose minds are wired, not spiral bound. Stay tuned for postings of my adventure.