Avoiding the Kiss of Death Online. Hint: It’s Not About Targeting.

What’s the kiss of death for brands in a digital culture? It’s boredom.

That’s why this shocking video by Dermablend caught my attention. It graphically demonstrates the brand’s attributes—namely to cover up severe blemishes or scarred flesh (NB: I have no professional relationship with Dermablend, and they don’t know me from a hill of beans.).

The campaign’s Halloween timing is spot-on. Everyone takes a certain interest in the bizarre this time of year. In this case, it’s the full body skeleton tattoos of Rico Genest, aka Zombie Boy, a 26-year-old professional model – or should I say “anti-model” – who gets work because of his head-to-toe skeletal tattoos. He went mainstream when he appeared in a Lady Gaga video.

Looking at this video might make you wonder who the target is. Let me tell you, in a viral realm, targeting doesn’t matter as much.

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