Art Guys: Two Artists Pitch A Sponsor

Ever wondered what it’s like to pitch a weird sponsorship offer to a marketing team? Meet the Art Guys. They’re a couple of Houston-based performance artists cum corporate sponsorship pioneers. Their performance piece entitled “Clothes Make the Man” involved wearing two Todd Oldham grey suits for an entire year. They sold sponsorship to premium brands such as Absolut Vodka and Target. Logos were embroidered onto the suits. This video brings you into one of their pitch sessions with Krispy Kreme Donuts. It’s an approach to sponsorship that’s both ribald and canny. How’d they sell deals? Cold calling, having a cool concept, packaging the offer, helping the sponsor visualize the opportunity and remaining resilient despite rejection–that’s how. It’s pretty much the standard sponsorship sales recipe, but with an art twist. Watch and learn.

Originally posted 11-16-09