Art and Science Make a New Baby: Ten Billion – An Innovative Lecture

One of the hallmarks of a renaissance is the rise in collaborations between artists and scientists. These creative partnerships often spark entirely new genres.

This summer, scientist Stephen Emmott and theatrical director Katie Mitchell will hit the London theatre scene with Ten Billion: An Exploration of the Future of Life on Earth, a theatrically produced scientific lecture. The curtain rises July 12 at London’s Royal Court Theatre. The talk illuminates what’s being lost in translation in our discussion of the environment.

Emmott is the head of Computational Science at Microsoft Research Cambridge—in addition to being a professor of Computational Science at the University of Oxford. He predicts the future of the climate and the future of life on Earth. 

Katie Mitchell is an officer of the Order of the British Empire, but also a veteran director of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

It’s been a heavy year of foreign travel for me. But I’d thrill to cross the pond to see this event. Not only because of what I suspect will be important content, but because it’s more evidence to witness the rise of the renaissance.