Are Your Crazy Enough to Succeed?

A decade into the new millennium and one thing is clear. Many of the skills and methods that led to success in the last century are useless. Business models are crumbling all around us–making way for the new.

The problem with the “new” is that it’s so bloody murky. I’m re-reading Mihaly Csiksentmihalyi’s important book, Flow, published in the 1990s. Many of the professionals he studied to gather insight into optimal performance were working in well established sectors. They had lots of rules and plenty of infrastructure. But look around you. Things are changing beyond recognition.Think about it. If you ran the New York Times in an era of FREE content, what would you do? Truth be told, the best course of action is one of experimentation. Risky, but essential, because it leads to innovation.

Much of the good that awaits us in the era of re-invention is veiled. Finding our way to it takes courage…the courage to be crazy. Have a look at this vintage Apple spot from the 1990’s. Then go try something crazy.