Are You Ready for Your Catharsis?

Youch! Flame throwers have been busy burning down the house over at Drawing fire is Jeff Yang’s article, Brand Aid, about the demise of America as a brand and the candidates themselves as personal brands.

Jeff phoned me last week to get a few quotes. (It was truly a memorable interview–his wife went into labor the day we were planning to talk, so we postponed and by the time we actually did speak, he was a proud papa of baby #2…and still met deadline!) Jeff has a playful intellect and he’s comfortable swimming at the deep end of the pool. We speculated together about whether there’d be a national catharsis over the last eight years.

It seems there is plenty of pent up anxiety to fuel it–home foreclosures, no new jobs, staggering national debt, an expensive but win-less war, pick your crisis. But looking at the comments posted about his piece, it made me wonder…Today, we can complain online. Click through venting gives us nano-gratification. No more big, media-genic events like a march on Washington. Fine, I guess. Besides, mainstream media let go most of their most seasoned people last week–Chicago Tribune fired 2,500 and NY Times furloughed 100 reporters.

That aside, has the Internet given us a daily drip of a catharsis? Will we protest one blog tirade at a time in the hope that someone is listening?

photo courstesy of TWM at Flickr

PS Spring is nearly here. Fresh air, new life. I plan on doing a baby boomlet post for the many people in my life who have recently given birth. Anyone out there with a birth to report let me know. It’s so uplifting!