Anxiety Brands Are Losing Their Edge

I’ve been following the candidates in the media. I’m listening for “anxiety” messaging. Not hearing it. During the last Presidential election, there was plenty of anxiety being shared on the stump. I’ve noticed the usual amount of stridency. After all, it’s a pivotal election year. But where there’s smoke there’s not fire. Neither candidate is firing up the flame thrower and fueling deeper discontent among the populace.

Recent outputs from a customer roundtable that I observed revealed people’s deeply felt uncertainty. Americans seem shell-shocked. Declining opportunities, debt and general uncertainty have left folks profoundly unsettled. Consumers are hanging back. Was A. G. Lafley was right to declare our situation beyond a recession and dub it a, “major reset?” Time will tell.

The lesson is this: anxiety brands are losing their edge. 

It’s summer. Consumers want to relax and rest in the simple pleasures of picnics and watermelon. Want to market something? Don’t worry, be happy.