Android Users Aren’t Using Their Phones

An interesting story came across my desk recently. Apparently, despite capturing 75% of the smartphone market, Android phone users just aren’t doing anything with their phones.

To me, the facts quoted raise more questions than answers. This 2011 infographic from Hunch outlines a few demographic differences in Android users vs. iOS users (even down to breakfast cereal preferences). Is the key factor in Android usage a platform problem, as Business Insider suggests? Or, is it primarily a cultural difference in the users themselves or the the brand personality of the devices?

Even more interesting, Millennial users 18-34 skew towards Android. Apple may want to take note of the factors that are making Android devices so attractive to this key demographic.

To stay competitive, both Android and iOS will need to figure out what the other half is doing on their phones. Android users, weigh in. What ARE you doing on your phone?

Infographic by Column Five Media

Guest post by Ellen Willett