American Life and Culture Survey Launches

Every few years, we undertake a research project as a service to the marketing field. This year, we are collaborating with 11 cultural organizations to undertake The American Life and Culture Survey. The research seeks to measure the deep values cultural consumers hold, and if those values are sensitive to broader economic trends. It will be re-conducted over time, both to assess how patterns of consumer behavior and attitudes are shifting and to anticipate the economic change that arises as a consequence of those changes.

Seismic shifts in the way our society creates meaning are reorganizing our work, leisure, and belief systems—in essence, our culture. In this environment, the smartest way forward is to practice the art and science of research about and within the culture to discover ways to harness it for future economic growth.

If you’d like to take the survey, click here. All participants will receive an executive summary of the findings.