ADWEEK in NYC–Bring it On!

People in the ad business know it’s ailing. I’m eager to take its temperature during ADWEEK beginning today. It’s strange. The nostalgia of Mad Men has put a sheen on an ailing industry reviving its cultural significance. At the same time, the current day Don Draper, a.k.a Alex Bogusky, up and left the industry this month. Poof. No explanation, no announced plans.

No matter what anybody says, New York’s advertising scene still matters. I travel a lot. But it’s been awhile since I’ve been to Gotham. My taxi arrived at the crack of dawn and as I trundled through security at O’Hare, I felt a certain giddy anticipation. I guess I’m excited to be sharing ideas with others like me who work at the intersection of art, entertainment and marketing. Trust me, it’s a niche-y niche.

Here’s the cast of characters:
Ed Cassidy, Vice President, Communications & Event Marketing, USA TODAY
Josh Lesnick, President and CEO, Audience Rewards
Will Lester, Vice President, TRG
Jim Royce, Director of Marketing and Communications and Sales, Center Theatre Group
Damian Bazadona, President, Situation Interactive
Trish Santini, External Relations Director, The Guthrie Theater
Gretchen Shugart, CEO,
Ray Cullom, Managing Director, Long Wharf Theatre
Rose Polidoro, Founder, Rose Polidoro Enterprise, Inc.
Donna Walker-Kuhne, President, Walker International Communications Group
Susan Lee, Chief Marketing Officer, Nederlander Producing Company of America
Bruce E. Whitacre, Executive Director, National Corporate Theatre Fund