A World Without Imagination

Cutting out the raw materials of the creative economy: imagination, creativity, and thought

The new Congress is in a budget-slashing frenzy– and the arts, plus vital cultural programs like National Public Radio, are on the chopping block. But a group of “creative sector colleagues” from Providence, RI are responding.

I studied Providence for my last book and dubbed it a RenGen city for its vibrant, creative start-up culture. It didn’t surprise me to see that activists there came up with the idea for Culture Stops!, a “citizen-driven, peaceful day of action,” scheduled for this March 10, three days from now.

The day will protest the idea that culture and the arts do not matter in America. Culture Stops! has a list of easy activities anyone or organization can do to participate and send a message.

The coalition behind it is an interesting blend of established (museums and libraries) and emerging cultural organizations.