A Summer Pace

This summer is slipping through my fingers. I want it to slow down. Savor it. We have one month left before the calendar kicks us into high-gear. We climb back onto the hamster wheel.

Last year, I packed up my kids and drove along the breathtaking coastline of Michigan to Mackinac Island. On the invitation of old friends, we joined their family for a July 4th celebration. Looking through the photos from that weekend reminded me that no matter how much our lives fill up with details and deadlines, we can never let them crowd out the moments that bring us joy.
Blink. It’s August. The dog days are upon us. It’s time to revel in what’s left of the summer. Cherry pick each delicious moment: the family picnic, breakfast on the porch, a walk on the beach. I squirrel away these memories for the long, cold winter ahead.
Enjoy the rest of your summer…at a pace that feels like summer.