A Sneak Peek at SXSW Panels for 2013

Panel picking for SXSW ended last week. Here are a few panels that caught my eye:

Install This: Making Great Digital Experiences

The user experience determines brand’s destiny. In the digital environment the interface is full of nuances that determine success or failure. This goes on my list.

The Underdog Marketer — Virgin Mobile

Ron Faris captivates marketers with his “Newsroom Marketing” advice. I hear tell he’s a rocking good speaker.

Stop Being Full of Shit

I just like the title. This talk is for developers and designers, who are always bustling with insights into user behavior. BTW, this title should be emblazoned over the entrance of the SXSW Bloggers’ Lounge. Last year, I observed the collegiality of previous years was notably absent. It smelled like teen spirit: lots of posturing.

Let My Brand Entertain You
I’m still seeking clues to where content sponsorship is going next. This panel on branded entertainment may hold the key to the morphing of sponsorship models for arts and entertainment.

Women Unfiltered

So few women present at SXSW. Honestly, you’d think the event occurs in a time warp. If you want to see women on a panel at SXSW, it’ll prolly be one like this–an all-girl affair.  Still, it got my vote.

Brands in Beta

The “always on” reality for brands is forcing a new relationship between clients and agencies. Because LitLamp is a spritely boutique, we stay nimble and evolutionary. But our clients hire us to penetrate the digital culture as part of integrated campaigns. This panel goes on my list because the discussion will likely swerve to keeping up with the churn at the blazing 24/7 speeds of social.

Debunking Startup Myths
Rieva Lesonsky encourages spunky start-ups to knuckle down and avoid so-called startup “wisdom” and focus on reinventing their craft.