A Review of The Brand Strategy Toolkit

Branding is a big topic. Advice abounds regarding how to build a better brand. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed these days juggling the competing priorities of big data, social media, and employee engagement, get your head on straight with The Brand Strategy Toolkit by Carol Phillips and Judy Hopelain. It’s a great resource to bring focus to your work. This handy primer delivers a step-by-step process for nailing any brand strategy, complete with templates and examples taken from well-respected brands.

Turning insights into action
Right now, big data is a big deal. But it makes a person wonder: how do we translate that ocean of data into meaningful action steps? The authors argue that it’s important to have a clear process in place to turn insights into brand assets. And Ms. Phillips and Ms. Hopelain have made it so easy. Mercifully short at 80 pages, the book is all muscle, no fat. It’s chock full of no-nonsense explanations: “There are four main criteria for evaluating positionings. Two pertain to the customer (resonance, credibility) and two to the company (strategic fit and differentiation).”

Tools and templates that free us to be creative in the right ways
The best brandmakers are creative, as well as strategic. But squandering precious creative juices on designing a planning process is foolish. Thankfully, the tools that accompany The Brand Strategy Toolkit provide an invaluable framework for launching or rethinking your brand. For example, the Brand Assessment Framework and the Brand Equity Pyramid are must haves for any marketer’s toolbox.

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