A RenGen Spirit Rocks Iowa

When my radio alarm popped on this morning with the news that Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee won the Iowa caucuses, I felt a certain vindication. These past few weeks I’ve been tangling with the media over just how significant the RenGen phenomenon is. I mean really, how seriously should we take this new form of enlightened populism that has the Average Jane thinking she can command some change through small, personal gestures? Well, everyday Iowans turned up in record numbers last night. They bundled their kids into snow suits and drove to the local gathering spot and caucused. And collectively they sent a big fat message: America wants change. End of story. People seem to understand that the electoral system has been so corrupted by fundraising and downright chicanery, that they’ve decided to invoke the one small power they still have–their voices. RenGenners believe in the power of personal gestures to make collective change. They are inner-directed, self-determinists. They will gather force online. They will vote. They will give. They will volunteer. And that’s the big story coming out of Iowa.