A Poet’s Power: Silvi Alcivar

This is a terrific video about a magical poet, Silvi Alcivar. She conjures spontaneous poetry from her vintage Royal typewriter and her immaculate mind. She charges $15/poem (order online from The Poetry Store).

At a loss for words? You will never find a better deal.

a desire for words from silvi alcivar on Vimeo.

People who have hired her for events say she elevates the energy in the room. But what is Silvi’s power? Sure, she transforms people’s simple experiences into something poetic. I think the alchemy begins by her listening. Hearing people out. John Gray, author of the bestselling series Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus, cites research that being heard stimulates a sense of well being.

Silvi is just one of the many examples I’m starting to collect of artist entrepreneurs who demonstrate transformative powers. They use their craft in helpful ways that change the energy between people—and turn a profit.