A Little Less Brand, Please

Looking at this infographic from Aaron Wall, who runs SEOBook, got me thinking…maybe it’s time to be less in love with our brands. Blasphemy, you say? In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, consider this: branded content is hitting a wall as Google search dynamics favor the most genuine content.

What users adore is content with a voice that sounds like it was written by a person, not the legal department. It may even carry a touch of whimsy. I recently moved from my house. I went online to scope out a moving company. One had a bid engine—fill out the inventory and it popped out a price. It asked about heavy objects I needed to move: “Piano, safe, lazy spouse? (Oh, just kidding).” I roared. Simple, clever and very human. This example illustrates something that John Battelle over at Federated Media has been advising for a while now — “Given that brands are all about voice…having the skills of a conversational publisher is critical to success.”

If overworked or over-zealous brand content is spurned by search engines, conversely too little attention to the brand confuses people. Striking a balance begins by having a clear sense of “who” the brand is and what it means in peoples’ lives.

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