I’m a sucker for romantic literature. Forget the cloying bodice rippers you find dog-eared in beauty salons. I revel in a romp through a well-crafted piece of adult fiction to really hasten my pulse. Mary Gordon’s Spending comes to mind. As for non-fiction Jane Juska’s A Round Heeled Woman made me blush. And with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I was over the moon when one of my favorite writers, John Stark, had his new book hit the shelves. John collaborated with RenGen culture scouts Mary Kay Baumann and Will Hopkins to produce The Dictionary of Love. (I am proud to disclose that John is one of our writers here at the firm.) His writing talent is immense. Even more abundant is his wit, which he flashes to hilarious affect throughout this delicious little book. Let me give you a peek between the covers:
-Kinkalicious is your girlfriend in a teddy.
-Plumber is a boyfriend who keeps pipes open and isn’t timid about crawling around in dark places.
-Frankenboobies are surgically enhanced breasts.
I bought several this week to give away as gifts. I know, I know…how very frisky of me!
If you are stuck for ideas about how to celebrate with your sweetie, I recommend that you paddle down to your nearby bookstore and pick up a copy, pop into the wine store, and also pick up a few candles while you’re at it. With your Valentine’s kit complete, snuggle up and read along together. Purr: a low vibratory sound one makes when being loved…