In our office this week, we brainstormed on the idea of renaissance vs dark ages. Let me explain. While there’s plenty of evidence that conditions are ripe for a renaissance, it’s not guaranteed. We could fall into a dark age.

What could tip the balance and hurl us into a dark age? Hasty planning. ($700 billion bail out with few restrictions). Insidious greed (financial services execs. who took the bailout money and paid themselves bonuses and went on acquisition sprees). Poor judgement, (legislators who think Wall Street can be trusted with tax payer’s dollars).

Here are the notes from the white board:

Which brands will usher in the renaissance and which may propel us into the dark ages?

Renaissance vs Dark Ages
Progressive vs Regressive
Whole Foods vs Kroger
Yoga vs Nascar
Clean fuel vs Big oil
Local vs Monopoly
Indie Bands vs Rolling Stones
Target vs Wal-mart
Etsy vs Sotheby’s

Inner peace vs Plastic surgery
Power vs Happiness