2020 Trend Forecast Report: Looking Ahead to a Year of Breakthroughs

Welcome to the 2020 Trend Forecast Report! Today marks our 10th Trend Report and it gives me pause.

When I started this report 9 years ago, the iPhone had only been around for 6 months. George W. Bush was president. Nobody had ever heard of Justin Bieber.

Every year, I can see how deeply technology is transforming our lives. If we are going to make good decisions, we must understand its potential, as well as its pitfalls, and guard against them. The report covers both perspectives.

Inside the report, you’ll find predictions in 5 key areas. They are ripples, really, signaling more profound transformations. You’ll find it to be a short, snappy read that will help you plan and take aim with more intention.

 Here is a sample of what you’ll find:

  • What’s the future of men when Millennial women shake off emotional gold diggers?
  • Signs of changing attitudes toward alcohol mark a shift in drinking culture among young people.
  • Why the Power of How makes learning the preferred way people will engage with a brand, build new skills and stay mentally agile.
  • Meet the Zoomers, the real grown-ups of the Internet, and why they bond and trust differently.

My team deserves credit for helping to plow through tables and charts to bring you this year’s report. Thank you!

We wish you all the breakthroughs on your bucket list in 2020!

Thanks for following along.

You can read the 2020 Trend Forecast Report here.