​19 Unusual Tools to Sharpen Your Insight

With the arrival of spring, I decided it was time to rev up my imagination. I believe insights can come from anywhere. That’s why I busted out a special box of books I had tucked away during my studio build-out. 

My right brain was feeling malnourished from too much winter. These books and tools get the juices flowing. I realize they have little to do with the business of marketing. That’s the point. 

If you’re feeling it’s time to forage for some fresh ideas, I encourage you to give them a try—beginning at your local library.

Art Explosion 300,000 (images)
– Nova Development

Best Quotations for All Occasions
– Lewis C. Henry 

The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images

The Complete Encyclopedia of Signs & Symbols: Identification and analysis of the visual vocabulary that formulates our thoughts and dictates our reactions to the world around us
– Mark O’Connell & Raje Airey

Fantasy (Crafters Design Library)
– Chris Down

CreataCard (images)
– Broderbund

Cultural Anthropology: The Human Challenge
– William Haviland, Harald E. L. Prins, Bunny McBride, Dana Walrath

Dictionary of World Myth
– Peter Bently, Roy Willis

50,000 Ultimate Web Graphics (images)
– Macmillan Digital Publishing

The Indian Luck Book
– Monisha Bharadwaj

Man and his Symbols
– Carl G. Jung

Oblique Strategies: Over one hundred worthwhile dilemmas

– Brian Eno

– Leonard Roy Frank

The Secret Language of Relationships
– Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers

The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy
– Cyndi Dale

Totems: The Transformative Power of Your Personal Animal Totem
– Brad Steiger

21st Century Dictionary of Quotations
– Princeton Language Institute

The Ultimate Design Source Book for Crafters
– Search Press

Understand Your Dreams
– Alice Anne Parker