Jawline Busts Myth of GenZ Influencers

“Influencer” is the GenZ term for almost famous and it’s a ferociously competitive arena. The digital culture can’t seem to shake the metaphor of virality. And influencers, on the face of it, enjoy viral fame. We romance the idea that someone posts a video and wakes up famous. Maybe it’s...

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Getting in Touch with Your Future Self

Our future self has desires, ambitions, and big plans for us. Now it also has an app. Have you ever looked back and wished you could tell your 16-year old self some sage piece of advice? I have. But what about your future self?  I just love the new app...

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Cool Campaign: Nature Speaks Up

Nature is coming in loud and clear thanks to Conservation International’s new campaign: Nature Is Speaking. The thrust of the message is that nature is not dependent on humanity; we are dependent on it.  A gang of A-list celebrities including: Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts, Penelope Cruz, and Kevin Spacey, have chimed in...

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