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10 Life Lessons from My Research

Over the past few years, my research has taught me many things. What comes to mind are the people I encountered who had a keen sense of identity that made them resilient after defeat and steady at the crossroads. They taught me so much about life. In reflecting on 2020,...

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New Research: How Robust Cultures Get That Way

These days, teams work in far-flung places and communicate electronically more than in person. What is the glue that holds teams together? For years, it seemed as though business leaders would strive to build great work cultures, but still fall short. At a corporate strategy session I recently facilitated, the...

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What Digital is Doing to Our Drive

Back in 2012, I started looking into what digital culture is doing to our sense of identity. I was especially curious about how the Internet is affecting the interplay between identity and ambition–our drive to become someone, to make something of our selves. Because if you think about it, our...

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