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Jawline Busts Myth of GenZ Influencers

“Influencer” is the GenZ term for almost famous and it’s a ferociously competitive arena. The digital culture can’t seem to shake the metaphor of virality. And influencers, on the face of it, enjoy viral fame. We romance the idea that someone posts a video and wakes up famous. Maybe it’s...

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What Digital is Doing to Our Drive

Back in 2012, I started looking into what digital culture is doing to our sense of identity. I was especially curious about how the Internet is affecting the interplay between identity and ambition–our drive to become someone, to make something of our selves. Because if you think about it, our...

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Thrilling Me Softly: What Digital Natives Love

3 Valentine’s Day tips: Tap into Millennials’ passion for honest come-ons. Have you ever succumbed to link bait? If so, you’ll know it’s frustrating when your sincere desire meets a hostile pay wall or aggressive lead capture. Halt! Go no further without surrendering your privacy or your credit card. So,...

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