Patricia Martin speaking in Houston, October 2008
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Will the Future Like You? (Our most popular talk)
Patricia Martin addresses the cultural trends specifically impacting your category. Presented as a thought-provoking discovery process, the experience sparks the kind of insights that lead to new opportunities. Together, we'll determine what steps will lead to future success in your industry. Clients use these presentations for sales events and educational programs to ignite conversation and kick-start collaborations among stakeholders.

Sample talks:
Luxury Culture in a Digital Age
How to Seed Change to Win Adoption
Growing Future Audiences
Attracting Attention for Your Innovation
Using Culture to Market Your City
Forecast: Will the Future Like You?
Cultural Trends Shaping New Markets
Tipping the Culture: How Millennials Will Change Libraries
What Matters Most: Making Your Brand Sociable
Communicating for Change: 7 Elements of Progress

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People hire Patricia Martin to speak because:

  1. They want to keep their industry relevant.
  2. They want change that meets speed of real life.
  3. They want to attract younger customers.
  4. They want to be inspired with fresh insights.
  5. They need to translate cultural trends into actionable strategies.

To book Patricia as an event speaker, please contact:
Les Tuerk
BrightSight Group
268 Wall Street
Princeton, NJ 08540

Les at
(609) 924-3060, ext. 12
Fax (609) 924-6226

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"Expertly weaving big-picture ideas, practical know-how and humor into a one hour presentation, Patricia had us at 'hello'. Unlike so many high-profile speakers, she didn't deliver a stock speech but rather a carefully tailored, well thought out presentation and message that left the audience inspired and enthused about the prospects ahead. She's simply terrific."
Carol Flagg, Association of Alternative Newsweeklies

“We have one question. When can we have you back?”
 Jeff Babcock, Chair, The Executive Committee

“Patricia’s enthusiasm for the topic and her ability to provide real life examples to illustrate the concepts made the workshop practical and engaging. We appreciated her straight talk and ability to help us see the value JA provides, not the 'charity'. Patricia provided some great 'ah-ha' moments that will have lasting impact on the workshop participants. Outstanding!”
Leslie Pierce, Vice President, Learning and Talent Management, JA Worldwide

“You blew them away. Just a bang-up job. We got such good feedback.”
Ann Dalton, Association of Junior Leagues International

“Our members were very pleased. Many commented on the quality of the information shared.”
Jennifer Filipowski, Meeting Professionals International

“Her commitment to the process - talking to the participants and organizer before the day, blogging liberally, joining us for ancillary events, and tailoring her remarks to this group - all made her an ideal keynote, a fellow-conspirator, as it were.”
Bruce Whitacre, Executive Director, National Corporate Theatre Fund

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