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BusinessTown’s Satire of Silicon Valley Speak

We love following BusinessTown!, a Tumblr blog devoted to cartoon versions of Silicon Valley stereotypes. Lately it’s been blowing up on the internet. Cleverly illustrated by Lunch Breath, it reimagines the charming characters created by Richard Scarry, the children’s author most well-known for his Busytown series. We see “value-creating winners”...

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It’s our passion to uncover deep social trends that help readers understand how to position for the future. I look forward to sharing this year’s Annual Trend Report with you. Click to watch the overview and Part 1 of our three-part report, The Inner Life of Trends: Meaning, Motivations & What’s...

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Consumer data: Amazon Out, Wegmans In

My sister lives in Rochester, New York and over a decade ago she introduced me to the wonders of Wegmans Food Markets. An ordinary shopping trip became a portal into a vibrant world of fresh food, gourmet cooking demos, and commitment to community. It made me want to pick up...

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The Superbowl’s Stage Keeps Football Lite

The entertainment slated for this Sunday’s Superbowl makes the total sponsorship package for brands a one-two-punch—sports AND entertainment. The plain truth is that, football could use a facelift, and acts like Katy Perry stand ready to deliver. It’s been a tough year for football in the popular culture. The New...

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Gift Ideas

One of the things I love about the holiday season is that we have all agreed that this is the season to be generous. But I’m also welcoming a shift away from the fierce consumerism of years past, toward a kinder, gentler season of giving. In that spirit, I have...

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