The Perqs of Being a Podcaster

Something has been brewing during the winter, and it’s time to spill the news…

I have a podcast!

One day this winter, while I was talking with Ben, a colleague from the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago, he told me about the podcast he’d been producing, Jungianthology. We started exchanging ideas. Next thing I know, I’m doing interviews with notable Jungians and respected authors who are inspired by Carl Jung’s theories.

As a follow-up to my years of study and research at the C.G. Jung Institute, this project was a truly constructive way for me to use the days of the pandemic—to make some meaning in the midst of all the madness.

As of now I’m recording two episodes a month, and with Ben’s wizardry we’ve built an audience of 14,000+ worldwide. I’m blown away!

It’s an honor to have these conversations with such brilliant, thoughtful experts as they shed light on the collective psyche in an era of radical change.

I’ve also learned a great deal about my own yearning to be perpetually in the process of tackling something new. For me, the recording of every episode holds a mystery to be cracked. I enjoy hovering on the edge of grasping, but not quite mastering, whatever it is: the topic, the person’s vocal quirks, my vocal quirks, the swanky microphone, the art of gentle humor.

I may never conquer it all. But it’s the richness of learning and the promise of achievement that lights me up.

Here’s a recent episode with author Robert Hopcke. He has written two best-selling books on the Jungian concept of synchronicity and how it shapes our lives. He’s fascinating!

As always, thanks for following along.

Photo Credit: Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash