What’s Next for You?

Like me, you’ve probably given serious thought to how you are going to improve your work or personal life, even a smidge in 2017.

On my list is a set of self-improvement goals a magic genie couldn’t tackle:

1. Give up sugar. (I already gave up gluten last year).
2. Find more time for the people I love.
3. Find and move to a new house.
4. Finish writing my next book.
5. Promote the bejeesus out of above-mentioned book.
6. Start blogging consistently again.
7. Run daily.

All of the above require significant behavior change. I have to give up wine, for Pete’s sake. To be successful, I either need to manage time or impulses better. But how?

I just finished my analysis for the annual Trend Report. It helped me see how successfully changing behavior will be an entire field of study that spawns experts and entirely new systems.

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